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My name is Mattia, I am a qualified Massohydrotherapist. I acquired theoretical and practical skills by attending several nationally accredited schools by the CONI CSEN. In my professional training I obtained the following qualifications: diploma of MCB Massager and Head Lifeguard of hydrotherapy establishments auxiliary health arts, diploma of operator in Sports Massage, diploma of Shiatsu operator recognized by APOS, Operator Specialized in Elastic Taping international certification ATS, Kinesiology Touch for Health, Classic Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Decontracting Massage. I am currently attending the Italian Institute of Manual Therapy Osteopathy School in Bologna.




DIPLOMA  Massoterapista MCB

DIPLOMA  Massaggio Sportivo

CORSO  Operatore Kinesio Taping

CURSO  Método Dejarnette de corrección sacrooccipital de cadenas miofasciales

CURSO Osteopatía avanzada para estudiantes y profesionales

CORSO  Ginnastica Posturale Metodo Scientifico

MASTER  Anca Ginocchio Caviglia

DIPLOMA  Operatore Shiatsu

CORSO  Kinesiologia TFH 1°Livello

CORSO  Kinesiologia TFH 2°Livello

CORSO  Miofasciale Efficace

CORSO  Linfodrenaggio Manuale

CORSO  Linfodrenaggio Vodder

CORSO  di Anatomia Palpatoria

CORSO  Massaggio Classico

CORSO  Massaggio Decontratturante

CORSO  Fiori di Bach Level One

CORSO  Massaggio Maori


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